I gave up on my Bluetooth headset for my mobile phone a while back; I was always forgetting to charge it, and on the rare occasions when I didn’t, I had trouble getting it to stay in my ear, and the sound quality was terrible.

So despite all the hype about Jawbone’s new line of ICON headsets for mobile phones — which, I have to admit, are pretty cool-looking, with an option to suit just about any style — I wasn’t sure I’d actually, you know, use it.

This is one of those occasions when I’m delighted to have been wrong. Their “Noise Assassin” technology? It really works. I’ve been on the headset in the car while my children bickered in the backseat, and the person on the other end reports not hearing a thing. There are a variety of earpiece configurations (all the pieces you need come in the box), so after some experimenting I was able to find a comfortable solution so that it stays where it belongs and I can hear everything just fine.

Also, the icing on the cake is that the battery life is pretty impressive. Because I still often forget to charge it. -Mir

You can buy your Jawbone ICON direct from the manufacturer, or from our affiliate, Amazon.

Congratulations to Jenny B, lucky winner of a “The Catch” Jawbone ICON!