Bumbleride Flite compact strollerI opened the gate, and we smoothly rolled passed the oglers, the whisperers, and the merely curious. I wished I had remembered my sunglasses, because everyone was staring. Finally, one woman stepped forward from a small group and asked me, “What is that?”

“Oh, it’s the 2010 Bumbleride Flite,” I said. “It’s not available yet. Just giving it a test run.”

And then I had to give the other playground moms a complete tour. The Flite is Bumbleride’s answer to the “luxury umbrella stroller.” Weighing in at a sleek 13 pounds and folding up into a tidy little package, the Flite is replete with handy features that make it a great stroller for the urban mom. Of course, my favorite feature is the cuteness–I’m not a gray-and-black sort of girl, so the sky blue and grass green was an instant hit, and they’ve got a magenta-orange-red too.

My second favorite feature is the combination of easy maneuverability, smooth navigation, and excellent suspension, even on bumpy terrain– it’s like the Lexus of the stroller world. Other high points include a sturdy canopy, easily adjustable 5-point harness, and easy-to-use reclining backrest. The Flite is compatible with most major brands of infant carseats or can be used with an optional Bumbleride Carrycot. You might also enjoy the adjustable footrest and included infant head rest and shoulder pads.

But, as with any stroller, there are considerations. This is definitely not a one-handed stroller for you latte addicts, and it can be tricky to fold and unfold, especially the first few times. (Or longer. My mom still can’t figure it out.) The cargo basket is smaller than I’d like for sure. And the price tag is hefty for an umbrella stroller, at $249.99. But if you’re looking for an eye-catcher with sturdy construction and a smooth ride, be ready to give your baby the Flite of his life.-Delilah

The new Bumbleride Flite is available for preorder at www.Bumbleride.com.