princess dishes from french bull
I have accepted the whole princess thing that has definitely turned into a Princess Thing around here as of late. But I’m still having trouble embracing…you know. The princesses. The ones with the skinny waistlines and luxurious hair and faces on licensed merchandise from electric toothbrushes to diaper wipes.

So when I got a look at the new French Bull Princess dishware for kids, I literally gasped. Oh joy! These colorful melamine plates, shallow cereal bowls and cups are adorable, multicultural, and lead to just as much healthy fantasizing as the big brand products. They also lead to as much fighting over them during playdates, so make sure you have the whole set.

Because they’re melamine, they’re not made for microwave use and we’d suggest handwashing too. But that shouldn’t be a problem; I’d imagine my girls wouldn’t let them out of sight long enough for a whole dishwasher cycle. –Liz

Find the brand new Princess dishware sets online at French

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