alternative ABCsThere’s some sort of unspoken rule that a baby can’t be born until someone has purchased the little dude or dudette an ABC book. But let’s say you know some hipster, emo, goth, inked, or punk parents. Calming pastels and fuzzy bunnies are going to totally clash with that Clash onesie and those tiny checkerboard Vans.

Allow me to introduce the Alternative ABCs by Dave Parmley, Eric Ruffing, and graphics by 13th Floor Designs. This totally sick board book is ready made for rock star parents and their cool little future guitarists and skateboarders. B for Bear? No way. It’s for Boombox. M is for Mohawk, I is for Ink, and S is for Skull. Borrowing aesthetics from street, skate, and music subcultures, the alphabet is colorful, bold, and definitely different.

Lest you think it’s all about subverting the man with spray paint, let me reassure you that V is for Vegetarian, U is for Unity, and Y is for Yoga. Clearly this isn’t for everyone, but If you’re putting together an all-black baby shower gift, then enjoy the ride from Axe to Zap.~Delilah

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