As the air grows warmer, a slow smile spreads over my face. I’m not thinking about beach vacations or barbecues though. No, the thought balloon over my head says, Soon my kids will wear sandals, and I won’t have to hunt and wash and match all these godforsakenly irritating itty bitty socks.

The new spring 2010 collection at Stride Rite will make those sun-starved piggies look and feel fabulous. I can’t say enough wonderful things about the newest kids’ shoes by Robeez (yes, they’re owned by Stride Rite now), especially the Lollipop Monsters that had a gaggle of teen girls cooing and flirting with my boy in line at Moe’s.

The offering of boys’ shoes is especially awesome right now, including tattooed whales, VW buses, hatching dinosaurs, and totally sick 3D Dragons in the Mini Shoez line for ages 2 to 5. Of course, the girls’ Robeez are just as sweet as ever with lots of 3D designs, but don’t expect anything much more inventive than cupcakes, flowers and hearts–although the Robeez organic prewalkers are just gorgeous, made of organic canvas, naturally tanned suede, and recycled leather uppers.

robeez organic baby shoes
For the bigger kids, Stride Rite offers a rainbow of stylish and ergonomic choices with more conventional styling, like the Lollipop sandals with a do-it-myself velcro strap cleverly disguised as a buckle.

Of course, by the time summer is over my dreamy smile will really mean, Oh, good, winter means no sand in the house and no ants and won’t it be nice to be cool again? And then I’ll start shopping for kids’ winter boots, and the circle will be complete.~Delilah

Shop the Stride Rite Spring 2010 Collection for cool kids’ shoes from newborn to kids’ sizes.

Also, have you been pronouncing “Robeez” wrong all this time? Check out our children’s brand pronunciation guide and see where you stand!

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