kids night out bingoWhen it comes to eating out with my kids, we make sure to go to our favorite family friendly restaurant early in the evening with an arsenal of activities to keep them occupied. Seriously, I think planning a wedding is easier. But thanks to Knock Knock’s fun new Kids’ Night Out Bingo, my husband and I actually get to eat at fairly leisurely pace rather than gulp down gigantic cold bites as we put on our jackets.

The twelve cards include simple graphics of everything from a server to a booster seat, even music and good manners (how cute their optimism is). Someone calls out what they see and everyone simply pops the tab on their card. That’s right, no chips to keep track of–or really, to lose amidst the pile of ketchup stained napkins. -Kristen

Purchase the Kids’ Night Out bingo cards along with a slew of other hilarious products at Knock Knock. Have you seen how funny those file folders are?