All three of my kids will attend a week of camp this summer which means I need to stock-up on yummy but somewhat healthy snacks to fuel all those kickball sessions. But I also need to keep those snacks free of peanuts because our summer camp, like so many other programs, is now peanut-free.

Thankfully, I can now keep granola bars on my snack list with the TANABAR chewy granola bars from Peanut Free Planet — which live up to its name, with a totally nut-free facility.

They’re all-natural and pack a hefty 7 grams of protein into each bar, though keep in mind that these are not low-calorie or low-sugar. But as long as my kids are eating pretty healthy otherwise, I’m okay with them getting the boost of sugar, especially when it’s brown sugar and honey that is doing the sweetening and not high fructose corn syrup.

Having tried out a few (thanks Tanabar!), my kids immediately went for the chocolate chip bars which have real, discernable mini chips in them, not microscopic specs of chocolate. My favorite is the Sweet Raisin for its super-chewy texture and yummy sweetness. I may have to save a few of them for myself to enjoy when the kids are all off at camp and I’m alone savoring the quiet.

TANABAR nut-free chewy granola bars are available at Peanut Free Planet

Congratulations to Sabriya K, lucky winner of an assortment of yummy TANABARS!