You know those old “Calgon, take me away!” commercials? You’ll get that feeling right by your kitchen sink when using natural body lotions by SEED.

If you’re not sold on your current 100% natural body lotion, these were created by husband-wife team Rebecca and Benjamin who wanted to detox during pregnancy and lose some of the chemicals around the house. The result is a series of natural body products packed with the reportedly beneficial antioxidants of the mighty grapeseed.

I found the lotions perform well after the shower with excellent, lasting,
non-greasy moisture. Restful Lavender Sage is a pleasant surprise, as lavender usually makes me yawn, but the sage gives it a wild, herby lift that makes me think of mornings in the Scottish heather with a kilted poet-warrior. The Invigorating Citrus Thyme is seriously addictive, with a scent somewhere between candy and lemon cleaning products, and I mean that in the best possible way. I would have licked this stuff off the floor when I was pregnant, and I love it now.

(I want it in body wash form, hint.)

In addition to lotions, SEED also offers shampoo bars and body bars, and a nice unscented bar soap. Although the Simply Unscented lotion smells off to me, so I would definitely stick with the others.

SEED, take us away!  -Delilah

SEED Power Body Products are available at your local Whole Foods store, or through our fabulous affiliate which delivers products right to your home, with no shipping charges ever. Save $1 on SEED at Alice through June 15 by purchasing through this link.


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