Smoothie from Tastebudding recipe siteSome like Epicurious, some prefer But me, I tend to head straight to Chef Google when I need help finding a specific recipe, even though it takes a decent amount of time to nail down something that’s quick, simple, and kid-friendly.

But then I stumbled upon the new, fabulous recipe site Tastebudding and it’s completely changed my life–and my dinner table.

The brainchild of parents Jon and Sharon Yeatman, this smart, well-organized website allows you to search for healthy recipes with only fresh, natural ingredients that are great for the whole family.

Similar to many recipe sharing sites (clearly the design and name take a page from our beloved Tastespotting) you’ll find simple photos and descriptions of the recipes as well as instructions and prep/cooking times. But this is more than mere food porn; labels include “dietary considerations” for those of us with food-allergic kids, and age range, so that mamas of babies know if their 18 month-olds can partake in the brain-builder smoothie too. And most of the recipes that I’ve seen–and tried–are easy enough for those of us who aren’t too adept in the kitchen. Yet.

Keep in mind that Tastebudding is fairly new, so there aren’t as many reviews and “likes” as you’ll find on the bigger sites. My other caveat is that the photos are definitely amateur snapshots. I realize that food photography is super hard to do well (hint: natural lighting is your friend), but I could use fewer blurry pics and a few more shots that lure me in before I’ve even read a word about the recipe.

Still, from what I’ve seen and tried so far, this is a fantastic way to mix up your meal repertoire and even share your own favorites with the masses. -Kristen

Find a ton of natural, healthy family-friendly recipes at Tastebudding.