embroidered zodiac constellation wall hangingsEven after we compile our favorite baby shower gifts of the year in our Ultimate Baby Shower Gift Guide, it’s so fun spending the rest of the next year looking for cool new ones. The kind that make you go wow. Which is just what I did when I stumbled onto these awesome embroidered zodiac constellations.

Whether you’ve got an expectant astronomer on your list, or just a cool second time (or hey, third or fourth time – ahem) mama who’s already got enough onesies and receiving blankets already, these lovely handmade pieces make a really special personalized gift. What a departure from writing the baby’s name on a travel wipes case in curliecue type!

Grab one for a newborn baby (wait until she’s actually born so you get the constellation right!), or treat a mama you love to a family of constellations just to fill a blank wall. And even if she doesn’t live her life by the horoscopes, the artwork is still lovely, says this Taurus who likes the meaning of her sign but isn’t so keen on hanging a bull over the couch. -Kristen

Find these lovely hand embroidered zodiac constellations at Miniature Rhino.