Picture SummerI got a snazzy new camera for Mother’s Day and hoped it would instantly turn me into a photographer that makes grown men cry. Instead, I’m still taking loads of uninspired, far-away photos of my kids doing various inexplicable things.

What I need is a little direction and inspiration to turn my ho-hum photos into things of beauty, and Tracey Clark, pro photographer, good friend to CMP and the founder of Shutter Sisters, is stepping in to help me. And you. And anyone who cares to sign up for her 30-day online photography and scrapbooking workshop, Picture Summer.

Hosted on the yes-you-can-scrapbook website Big Picture Scrapbooking, Picture Summer was set up to help experienced and novice photographers capture the glory of summer bit-by-bit. With an email prompt every morning for the month of July, I can interpret the daily assignment in my own way which is a relief since three kids rarely leave me with much time to follow long-winded directions. And when I get my shot du jour, I can share it with my online classmates in a private posting gallery which should give me enough inspiration to get out there again the next day.

Tracey provides some photography tips herself and is available by email for the duration of the class which is great if you need some direction. Although mostly what I like is the kick in the pants this will give me to get those shots that capture the essence of summer 2010 better than blurry running kids. -Christina

Picture Summer Workshop runs from July 1-30th and costs just a dollar a day. Sign up today!

[Photo: Tracey Clark]