daddy issues Father's Day CardWhen your kids are still too young to break out the glitter glue and make dad a Father’s Day card–or too old–a printed card can still go a long way. So to keep you from the card aisle crush the next Saturday, I searched through Etsy (with the help of some of our friends over there–thanks Adam!) and tracked down a few clever handmade Father’s Day cards that help show your love both for the rockin’ dads of the world, and for independent artists too. –Liz

I’d imagine this “daddy
issues” Father’s Day card
(above)was designed for adults to give to
their own fathers, but it’s kind of more hilarious coming from a two
year-old. Find it at Wit and Wistle – and on our own Father’s Day Gift

gocco father's day card

Traditional icons like cars, baseballs and tools get a humorous jolt
from a line of Superman logos in this handprinted
Gocco Father’s Day card
from Chunky Pineapple. And the shipping is

science dad father's day 

Because the nerds have inherited the earth, I love this “uncool”
Father’s Day card
at Shop Giberrish, with a hilarious message and
the word FATHER spelled out using the periodic elements.

handmade father's day card

Sentimental-yet-manly types will appreciate this wonderfully designed handmade
Father’s Day card
with a message that’s perfect for any great dad.

golden ticket father's day 

Perhaps the most clever of all is this Golden

Ticket Father’s Day card which, when you open it, has a
lottery-style scratch-off bit that reveals your own custom message. But order now! It takes 3-7 to ship from NYC.