You Cannot Be Serious parenting book by Elizabeth Lyons
When it comes to raising children without completely losing your mind Elizabeth Lyons wrote the book, literally. It’s called You Cannot Be Serious and 32 Other Rules That Sustain A (Mostly) Balanced Mom.

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Elizabeth is not a therapist, but certainly is an expert with five
children under 10, including 8-year old twin boys and a daughter she
adopted. So when she gives advice I’m inclined to listen. Especially
when it happens to be as funny as it is wise.

I found myself feeling much better when I read rules like Repeat
after me, I’m a good mom (even if I don’t scrapbook)
and Rule 13, Go
with your gut
, where she says that women don’t often acknowledge
that we have the answers inside of us and so we turn to outsiders to
validate what we already know to be right.

I think that is so
true. Don’t you? (See what I did there?)

The book is a quick read, and each chapter is based on the
author’s often hilarious real-life experiences. So the next time your
toddler sticks a bead up her nose or your ten-year old trades his bike
for a pile of baseball cards, and you’re ready to scream You cannot
be serious!
, remember, those are actually words to live by. -Betsy

You can buy You
Cannot Be Serious
at CMP affiliate, Amazon.

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