SuperGoop Swipes
Unless your family summer plans involve hibernating in the local million-plex theater and surviving on popcorn and Twizzlers, you can be assured of one thing: There will be sun. Which means we mamas can’t leave home without packing plenty of sunscreen.

But since I am still skittish about putting anything white and liquidy in my checked baggage after the Great Moisturizer Explosion of ’94, I’m pleased to see that Doctor T’s SuperGoop! has created a new sunscreen application that should set my mind at ease: SuperGoop! Swipes.

Much like a package of diaper wipes, SuperGoop! Swipes are little towelettes that come loaded with SPF 30 for babies as young as a couple of months. I love how easy it is to get a baby covered with sunscreen without having to stop to pour another handful of goo into my palm. 

Like our other favorite SuperGoop! products these new Swipes are paraben-free, water-resistant, and missing loads of those other chemicals that make me shudder, especially when it comes to stuff we put on our babies’ skin.

Of course even an SPF of 30 means there are limits to how long that fragile baby skin should see the sun, especially considering these wipes are better at blocking UVB than UVA rays. It’s definitely a balance, which is why we don’t recommend sunscreen as an alternative to a good sunhat or beach umbrella. A deep-tanned baby looked cute in that old Coppertone logo, but we all know better now. -Christina

You’ll find SuperGoop! Swipes, along with other great paraben free suncreens, on their website.
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