july 4 fabric garlandCall me sappy but I love the idea of getting all festive for the Fourth of July. And I really love the idea of doing it in a way that doesn’t involve my children blowing something up.

So sign me up for giant watermelon slices, sparklers on the cupcakes,
and this sweet handmade July
4 fabric garland
from Sparkle Power. As far as 4th of July decorations go, I just love the combination of
pretty fabrics, and how the dots, flowers and plaids stay with the
traditional flag palate, but make everything just a little more
modern and fresh.

Unlike crepe paper and balloons, you can use your garland again every year. I like
to think of eco-mindfulness as my patriotic duty. –Liz

Find beautiful handmade party
and more at Sparkle Power on Etsy.

[via cosa verde]