Blabla kids t-shirts
We just can’t get enough of the adorable knit dolls and beautiful baby mobiles from one of the fair trade pioneers in the kids category, Blabla Kids. They are consistently some of the best baby gifts out there.

Truth be told, I’m a bit obsessed with their online shop am there more than I’d care to admit, and so I was pleased to see that they’ve recently added a new
line of t-shirts
which is something I’ve been eagerly waiting for.

The soft cotton tees feature images of their
well loved dolls and my personal favorite has to be the mermaid (officially named, the Anemone Umbrella tee).  But I’d definitely find happiness with the equally sweet McNuttie Juggling tee. Cuteness!

While you’re admiring their new goodies, you won’t want to miss their fabulous sale section,
which features some sizable discounts on past season’s collections of
everything from rattles and dolls to t-shirts and sweaters. Like I
needed another excuse to buy something from Bla Bla. -Kristen

Check out the new collection of kids t-shirts at Blabla Kids, and if
you’re in Atlanta, you can visit their store front in the Virginia


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