Aunties Rock personalized baby onesiesThe adorable personalized baby onesies from Mitetees are some of our favorite baby shower gifts around here, and they’ve impressed us again, this time with their brand new line of onesies just for the cool aunts of the world.

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Considering how great my sister-in-law is with my kids, I know she’d be tickled to see my new baby in one of these three options, all of which include your favorite Aunt’s name displayed on a soft, baby onesie. Like the one shown here, “My Auntie ___ Rocks.”

And of course if you happen to be a cool aunt yourself, here’s the perfect way to make sure everyone knows it; at least until those babies hit about two and figure it out for themselves. -Kristen

Check out the completely line of Auntie Rocks onesies at Mitetees and score them for only $12 (usually $22) through Sunday

Congratulations to lucky winner Bing Y!