online shoppingAs most of us frugal online shoppers know by now, you don’t buy something without first checking to see if there’s a coupon code and a way to get it cheaper. It’s why we work really hard to secure exclusive codes for our readers here.

Well, you should also know that when I’m not here at Cool Mom Picks, I’m busy finding the best deals and coupon codes to share over on my frugal-minded site, Want Not. It’s really the only site you need for coupons and deals if I do say so. In fact, it’s the only one on the Internet. Well… okay, there are a few others.

It’s good to keep in mind that coupon code sites aren’t just for the huge catalog companies and retail giants. Even places like Threadless, Kitson, and Orbitz often offer codes that are archived on the sites. Here’s my take on a few sites worth a bookmark. –Mir
In terms of simply finding a coupon code for a particular store,
quickly, this is my favorite resource. Type in the store name and get a
listing of coupon codes, complete with expiration dates, comments, and
even user ratings on how successful each coupon was for them.
Comprehensive, straightforward, and easy. And it looks just beautiful.

Cons: You need to
go there knowing what you’re looking for. This is not a site to browse for
deals so much as it’s a place to get a code for an online store you’re on at the moment, before you click buy.
seem to be pretty up-to-date on the codes they offer, and it’s a little
more browsing-friendly than RetailMeNot. Browse by store name, category, or store type to find your codes.

Cons: If you just
want to find a specific code, the interface isn’t particularly clean or
easy. In fact if you care about web design, this site might kill you.

Pros: This is a hybrid site that features both online deals and local deals in major metropolitan areas. So you want to search for pizza deals in 11201, or spa deals in 90210 (lucky you), you may find what you need. They
also employ something they call a dealBot ninja
which automatically finds and posts deals so that stuff gets posted

Cons: Searching their online deals isn’t super
user-friendly–it’s one giant list on a very long page. And the geotargeting needs a little work; if you’re in an area like New York, knowing that there’s a lunch special 2 miles away in another borough is not helpful.

If you want to learn how to squeeze blood from a stone in the form of
crazy savings on groceries, go to the queen herself, Stephanie
Nelson a.k.a. The Coupon Mom. When I noticed her site was now offering
a link to CouponSeven for online coupon codes, I figured it would be
similarly awesome. It is well-organized and easy to search, and I like
the “Quick Links” option in the sidebar to search by things like free

Cons: I still don’t find it quite as easy/friendly
as RetailMeNot. There are Google ads all over the place which can be distracting.  And if you want access to the Grocery Deals section, you need to register.

Pros: If you
want help finding the hot deals rather than just looking for a specific
coupon code, the SlickDeals community is on every bargain within minutes. Sometimes seconds. They have the skinny on not just coupon codes, but
ways to take advantage of other bonus offers, rebates, and price matching
options to score the very best deal.

Cons: If all you want is
a specific coupon code, this probably isn’t the best place to find it
quickly. Also, some of the “deals” involve “tricks” which the ethically
sensitive among us will find unacceptable.

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