My First Baking Kit
My three kids, and even my 2-year-old, are super eager to help me in the kitchen. And surprise, they seem even more eager to consume what I’ve prepared when they’ve had a hand (or entire arm as it seems to go) in making it.

Granted, they probably won’t need any prompting to chow down on cupcakes, but this awesome My First Baking Kit is a fabulous way to give any kiddo a little kitchen inspiration.

Each tin is made to order, featuring a slew of baking essentials including cookie cutters, sprinkles (or jimmies, ahem), and cake toppers just to name a few. There’s also a yummy recipe for strawberry cupcakes.

Of course, depending on your kid’s age, you may have to assist in the process, but it’s a lovely way to encourage kids to get involved in making their own food. And an even better alternative to yet another article of clothing or toy when his or her birthday rolls around this year. -Kristen

Order My First Baking Kit at Carialina’s Etsy Shop. And don’t worry if they’re sold out. These products are made to order, so just convo the artist!

[thanks jordan!]


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