Living With What You Love by Monica Rich KosannWhen I look around my house I find strange groupings of stuff everywhere. A bin of outgrown Crocs. A shoebox packed with old family pictures. Some coffee table books that never quite made it to the coffee table. Little did I know that these were all just charming, whimsical and revealing design elements in the making. Something I learned from the book Living
With What You Love
, by Monica Rich Kosann.

It is a gorgeous interior design book filled with inspirational and attainable
ideas on how dust off family heirlooms and show them in a whole new
light. My grandmother left me a bunch of mismatched glassware, which
I’ve stashed it in the attic for years. But having seen Monica’s book I
am going to bring them back out, pair them with a few of my favorite
modern glasses and show the whole collection off in my living room. Not
only does it keep her memory alive, but it reminds me that we both had a
thing for colored glass goblets.

Cool, personalized home decorThe other thing I love is that many of her decorating
ideas are fun, not fussy. I particularly like a photo of a shelf that is lined
with a family’s old cowboy boots. In fact, this book has got me looking
at even that pile of old Crocs in my house in a whole new way. -Betsy

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With What You Love
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