Oksana bag by Poketo for TargetCool Mom Picks favorite Poketo has a very simple philosophy: Make real art available to everyday people. Which is good, because I’m at my local SuperTarget pretty much every day, and that’s where their latest collection will land on August 10.

From water bottles to umbrellas to totes, this 52-piece limited
edition collection brings together 21 international artists and a whole
lot of pretty. The art covers all the high points of design for the
season, including birds, birches, abstracts, and… um… monsters? I
especially love the ethereal art on the Oksana bag shown above, which
was previously available as part of their Birds of a Feather plate set
by Moscow native Oksana Badrak. And I can’t wait to see the new wallets,
which are agonizingly small in my teaser photo. Is that a fawn? And
what’s the egg-shaped, aqua blue thing? Argh!

And, yes, I
probably spend more time at Target than I should. But on a 105 degree
day, it’s refreshing to enjoy the air conditioning, quiet, and now,
affordable art. ~Delilah

Poketo will land at your local Target on August 10. Until then, you can always shop their online store, which has some enticing sales. Is it August 10 yet? How about now?

In light of recent news about the Target CEO’s controversial political contributions, we recognize that some of our readers are uncomfortable with this recommendation. We are thrilled that Target actively supports small businesses, the design community and emerging artists like Poketo and has openly supported the LGBT community in the past; but we, like many of you, are not happy with this particular situation.

Cool Mom Picks’ stance has always been one of inclusion, and we support all kinds of families and all kinds of lifestyles. We urge corporations to stay out of political races, which can force customers to make difficult choices about where to spend their money. That said, your choice of where to shop is your own.