Little Packrats School Backpacks
We’ve long adored the cute, unique little kid backpacks from Little Packrats (now PVC-free, by the way!), but now that some of our little kids are turning into big kids, we’re glad that they’ve added some new bags just for them.

The new bigger bags fit all the bigger school supplies, like
binders, textbooks, and folders, all with their signature style. The two designs, Hunter the Dog (pictured) and Chloe the Cat,
are a little scaled back from the company’s quirky little kid backpacks, and are made from water resistant pthalate-free nylon right here in the

Whichever you choose, they’re a
nice change from the cookie cutter licensed bags (helllooo Miley Cyrus)
that will overrun the classrooms and hallways this fall. -Kristen

Find the new big kids backpacks online at Little Packrats

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