Almost every day, we drive by a castle. No, really– it’s in a field near our house, and the moat is a swimming pool, and the iron fence is guarded by concrete dwarves painted in garish colors. I can’t make stuff like that up.

“Mommy, can we be friends with them and go play in their castle?” my daughter asks me every time we drive by.

But, sadly, we never run into the people who own the castle at
preschool or ballet, so that playdate-of-dreams never happens. So I’m
thinking that for her 4th birthday this August, my girl could maybe quit
wishing and actually have her own play castle.
Sure, it’s made of corrugated cardboard. And it’s only about four feet
square. But it fits two kids, and I just so happen to have two kids.

Joe’s Toy Box is a brand new Etsy store that also has an adorable Whimsical Cottage and a cute Country Barn,
and all three structures are begging for the crayon-and-marker
treatment by your favorite fairy or cowpoke. Shipping is a little high,
unless you live in York, PA and opt for $5 home delivery.

If you get
one, let us know how it goes! My princess can only pine for so long.~Delilah

Find corrugated cardboard playhouses at JoesToyBox on Etsy.

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