Kit and Lili lion teeAfter she watches Lion King, my kid spends most of the day running around in her pink underoos and roaring. She’s being Simba, of course. But it’s not really a costume she can wear out in public when she’s feeling fierce.

These t-shirts by Kit and Lili,
on the other hand, are the perfect Fall staple for monster-minded boys
and girls who feel like unleashing their inner animals. After a summer
of terrorizing the backyard, it’s awfully hard to be cooped up under
fluorescent lights in school, using one’s quiet voice and taking turns.
But if you can say, “You don’t have to roar, honey. See? Your shirt is
roaring for you,” consider the problem solved.

Kit and Lili’s dino tee and lion tee are available for sizes 2T through 8, though the price is not for everyone. Still, Kit and Lili is wildly popular and cuts to
order, so you’ll want to be sure to pre-order at Artebebe to score these high
quality, 100% cotton duds.

Boys will look great pairing these t-shirts with jeans.
And you know what would go great with either shirt for wild girls?
These kids’ leggings.
Of course, knowing my petite sauvage, she’d pair the lion tee with a
pink and purple ruffled skirt and green-striped socks and galoshes.
Which is still pretty fierce, in my opinion.~Delilah

Check out the Dino and Lion tees by Kit and Lili on Artebebe. And for more great kids’ fashion ideas for fall, don’t forget to check our 2010 Back to School Shopping Guide.