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You may already know that is a fantastic one-stop destination for money management on the Net; it’s as close to a bookkeeping genie as most of us mere mortals are going to get. I love that you can sync up your bank accounts, credit cards, stock portfolio, and more, and will manage it all in one place.

Their latest feature, however, is raising the bar for financial wizardry for those of us who can use a little wizard-like intervention.

The brand-new Goals section is very smart. It allows you to not just manage what already
exists in your spending life, but to reasonably plan for almost
anything a mama could want to plan for: Save for a vacation. Or start that emergency fund you’ve been
meaning to build. Sock away what you need to replace the fence that you’ve been meaning to replace for oh, three years now.

If you need a little help figuring out how much you should set aside every month, getting tips to help you achieve goals, and you like the idea of tracking your progress along the way, consider yourself taken care of. Free.  -Mir

Check out the new Goals feature at, or read more about in on their blog.

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