Mayron's Goods Road PackSometimes, full-sized baby skincare products can be intimidating for me. Like that enormous tube of diaper cream, or the half-gallon jug of powder that I can all too easily imagine scattered over my floor. I like my products like I like my kids: short and cute. At least until I get to know them better.

That’s one reason I’m loving the Road Pack by Mayron’s Goods. But it’s not the only reason.

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The Road Pack brings together five must-have baby products in an
adorable, waterproof travel bag. So it’s cute. And handy. And baby shower gift-ready.

Best of all,
though, the products were created by choosy Hollywood mom Melanie Mayron (whose products we raved about when we first discovered them) and her
pharmaceutical chemist dad, and each product tells you in big numbers
exactly how natural it is– most are in the 99% range.

The All Over Body
Wash has a lovely, citrus scent and works well for hair and body on
both of my kids, and the Tangerine Massage and Body oil is great for them…
and me. The Hydrating Body Milk is nice for when oil seems too slippery,
and I look forward to seeing how it sinks into dry winter skin.

Chapstuff for lips and cheeks is lovely, although mine fell prey to
Georgia’s heat wave in transit and went all uggo. I also like the Our
Best Diaper Cream, although I wish mineral oil wasn’t keeping it down at
98.3% natural. (I’m a stickler.) It’s still a winner though, and it’s great for soothing rashes,
and they don’t use parabens, SLS, or DEA. And did I mention the packaging is cute as the dickens?

Diaper rash, don’t you come back no more no more no more no more.~Delilah

You can find the Mayron’s Goods Road Pack at the Mayron’s Goods online store or in a variety of upscale boutiques.

Congratulations to Mary B, lucky winner of the Mayron’s Good Road Pack!