moms rising - changing more than diapers
Happy Labor Day, mamas! On this day, we really wanted to give a big hooray to the hardest laboring folks of all: Moms.

(No pun intended.)

Of course Labor Day really is about, well, labor. Or unions, to be more specific. And while there’s no such union for parents, we thought we’d give a mention to an organization that comes pretty darn close.

If you’re not familiar with Moms Rising,
get thee to the website! Then celebrate the fact that there are
brilliant women (and men) over there working hard to mobilize moms and
advocate for good stuff that supports us all.

It’s a non-partisan organization, although admittedly progressive-leaning in some aspects, like support for health care for all children.
But whatever side of the aisle you find yourself on, you’d probably be
hard-pressed as a mom not to support their advocacy for maternity and
paternity leave, fair wages, a common-sense TV rating system, paid sick
days and other issues that support the hard-working families of
this country. I also really like the outstanding section on environmental health, and just signed the petition to update the Toxic Substances Control Act which is now 33 years old, and wayyyy outdated.

This concludes this public service announcement. Now go enjoy your families, a little sunshine, and something yummy on the grill. If anyone has earned it, it’s you, moms. –Liz

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