simon doonan for dempsey and carrollDempsey & Carroll makes the kind of fancypants stationery that you drool over in high end department stores — that is, if you’re the type who drools over fancypants stationery at all. Yes, I am that type.

It’s the kind of stuff you want on hand should you ever need to send a handwritten note card to Martha Stewart or Michelle Obama for some reason, what with the heavy-duty 3-ply cards, wedding-quality engraving, and gorgeously lined envelopes.

But that doesn’t mean the designs are stuffy; on the contrary, they’ve
collaborated with lots of interesting artists and designers. And they
just launched a collection of stationery by Simon Doonan, the irreverent style maven and erstwhile King (okay, creative director) of Barney’s New York.

Each set features two each of five pithy little fashiony sayings, all plays on the “new black” adage, like battleship grey is the new choccie brown. The one reading pickles are the new macaroons is just screaming to be delivered at the next baby shower you attend, along with a $98 Jacadi romper.

Oh yes, it’s all high-end and super expensive and inside joke-y in the
fashion world, so this won’t strike the fancy of every mom outside the
10021. Although the one that’s engraved with texting is the new kibbitzing? On stationery? God I want a whole set just of those.  –Liz

Fnd the new line of of stationery by Simon Doonan online at Dempsey & Carroll along with engraved note cards and beautiful baby announcements.