play castle
In a house full of girls, my son is used to playing with pink ponies and pretty castles. Really, I’m all for it. But it is nice to find pretend play toys that are a little more gender neutral too.

The eco-friendly castle tower from Imagination Box Co is a little different than your
regular old princess palace in that it’s basically a turret with two
stories. There’s a drawbridge and windows, and best of all, plenty of
space for your kids to color or paint – which are actually included
with the castle itself. Construction is remarkably easy and due to its
size, my three kids don’t have to fight for play space; always a perk when you find yourself acting as sibling referee more often than you’d like.

Speaking of which, this cardboard castle turret makes a great gift for families with
couple or more kids, or even a fantastic party activity. And best of
all, it’s completely recyclable when your kids are done. Which around
here, will not be any time soon. -Kristen

Find a range of great cardboard toys at Imagination Box Co.


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