LaLa Shoes on EtsyEverybody goes gaga for a squishy new baby. Not only do they look like Winston Churchill and smell like heaven, but you can dress them up the cutest little thumb-sized shoes without the scuffing and “Oops, we left it at the playground” issues you get once they start walking.

If you’re looking for a knock-them-over-with-unique-cuteness baby gift, you simply must shuffle softly over to Lala Shoes on Etsy.

These high quality wool and linen shoes are made by hand in
Croatia, and you can pretty much guarantee nobody else is going to bring
them to a shower. The
beautiful color combinations and unusual details on the LaLa shoes creations are
like nothing else I’ve seen.
LaLa Violet
range from 0 up to age 2 1/2, not to mention lovely linen house shoes
for adults that come with matching bookmarks. (For those who can walk and read at the same time.) For walkers, an
eco-leather sole is added, while bright colors, hearts, stars, and sweet
little ties abound. I especially love the LaLa Violet (to the right) for baby girls and the bright autumn options added recently for the season.

they’re pricey. But they’ll be in a keepsake box longer after the
leather teddy bear shoes are sent to Goodwill. And you’ll get baby
shower bragging rights, too.~Delilah

Find handmade baby shoes online at LaLa Shoes on Etsy.