Packsack backpack from Poketo I’m off to the park and I have my twelve-month-old in one
arm, diaper bag on my shoulder, another hand holds the sand toys, my
three-year-old needs my hand to get down the stairs and maybe we’ll need a
blanket to sit on… wait, I’m out of hands. This is when I could really use a

I haven’t owned a backpack since college, but now, more than ever, I
could use an extra hand, and the Packsack from one of our favorite stores, Poketo, is
streamlined, classic and slightly retro.

colorful, canvas (nice break from nylon) backpacks are sturdy and large enough to carry a 15″ laptop. That striped navy and white is particularly great. I see Dads carrying them as diaper
bags, Moms carrying them when their diaper bag isn’t enough, or
for anyone scooting off to Starbucks to do some work on their laptop.

That would be me. Elizabeth Leach, CMP’s newest fabulous contributor!

Find the Packsack backpacks at Poketo, or for another style of theirs we love, check out our review of the very fabulous Street Banner Bags.