I’m not gonna beat around the bush: Modern Playhouse makes a seriously cool modern playhouse.

We’re talking the Taj Mahal of fourteen-square-foot living, folks. No more faded plastic hot dog stands or cardboard that crumples when your unruly toddler learns to stage dive. It’s really a very very very fine house.

With a very very very steep price tag.

Both the Wedge House and the Circle House
are made in San Francisco and FSC certified, which means non-toxic,
non-formaldehyde, naturally pigmented, and eco-friendly wood. The smart
design is easy for two sober people to assemble and has been rigorously
tested with the highest standards of mechanical safety and durability in
mind. And you can even leave off part of the roof so Mom and Dad can
play, too.

Of course, these gorgeous playhouses are indoor only,
as is the adorable optional furniture (shown above) which can be
ordered separately. But if I had a durable, handsome dream house and
conversation piece like that, and had spent a cool $1450 on it, I know I would want to keep it front and

And I’d probably kick my kids out and color in there, too. Yeah, I’m mean like that.~Delilah

High end wooden playhouses
Modern Playhouse just started shipping. Be sure to read the rigorous shipping and refund policies before ordering.


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