CubebotThough I have a six-year-old son, I have somehow avoided those plastic transforming toys that are supposed to go from a car or a truck to a robot, though I can never get them to look like either one.

But avoid a block of wood that transforms into a smiling robot that looks like he’s about to bust a move? No way: This one is just too cool.

CubebotCreated by amazing designer David Weeks, the Cubebot Wooden Robot Toy is a twist on the very-neat Japanese wood craft known as Kumiki. And unlike the typical battery-hogging, noise-producing, plasticky robot toy, the Cubebot is crafted of hardwood and gets its moves from sturdy elastic bands that let its owner move him into all sorts of positions.

Cool Mom Picks Pick of the Year 2010Any noises he makes come from your own mouth, so I’m practicing my robot voice now, much to my children’s embarrassment.

I could see the Cubebot sitting on the dresser in a baby’s nursery, on the bookshelf in my son’s room, or lording over a Lego tower in the playroom. Though it is not a particularly fragile-looking toy, the recommended age of 12+ leads me to believe that it may be a little tricky to transform the Cubebot from block to ‘bot. I’m hopeful that even I could figure it out. -Christina 

The Cubebot Wooden Robot Toy is available in three sizes at A+R Store.