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My kids are already super kind, generous little people, but that doesn’t mean a little more conscious kindness isn’t in order. That’s where the folks at  Boom Boom! come in. Their line of pay-it-forward cards (which we’ve already fallen in love with) now include two new approaches to kindness, and right in time for National Family Day.

Which is today. If you didn’t know. (We didn’t.)

The Boom Boom! Family Edition encourages you to work at kindness within the
expectations of being a family, and I sure enjoyed when one of the kids
pulled the “do a family chore without being asked” card. I enjoyed it a lot.

The system is interactive,
too; when someone has done an activity, they place a Boom Boom! sticker
on the activity board to indicate the card’s been done, and can post
the story of that kindness act onto the Boom Boom! website. Then they
can pass the card on to a friend, and a nifty registering system lets everyone online see
where the card (and kindness) goes next.

There’s also a Boom Boom! Cards Green Edition focused on, yep, kindness towards the environment. Card 12, Do you know how many paper towels you use? For
one week, keep track. Then the next week, eliminate one roll or reduce
your use,
had my kids reducing their paper towel usage and reaching
instead for dish towels, the sponge and okay, the hem of a shirt. It
all counts. – Barbara

Find the new Boom Boom! Family Edition pay it forward cards online at their webshop. And in honor of National Family Day, check out their blog for a free PDF of sample cards, so you can start practicing intentional acts of kindness right now.


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