I want to give a hand to WeeKnit on Etsy: they’ve brought together the coolest collection of finger puppets I’ve ever seen. Where else can you find a vampire, a mummy, Frankenstein, a pirate, and a ninja in one place? And would that not be the best high five ever?

I think it would. Especially with Vlad, Imhotep, Frankie, Smee, and Sneaky Lee splayed out over tiny, pudgy fingers playing peek-a-boo. Of course, if the classic Halloween finger puppet favorites don’t float your finger puppet boat, WeeKnit also offers a the original freaky line-up with a witch, pumpkin, spider, ghost, and black cat, all hand-knit with love of acrylic/nylon blend yarn.

I say grab them as party favors (WeeKnit is awesome at accommodating special orders) and give your Halloween shindig a goodie bag alternative to more sugar.

I’m not ashamed to say that seeing my favorite movie and cartoon characters knitted into puppet form totally restores my faith in humanity. –Delilah

Visit WeeKnit  more hand-knit finger puppets than you can shake a finger at. But don’t buy an entire handful of ninjas–just think how quiet your kid would be raiding the pantry.