Custom girls' t-shirts with tutusTutus are everywhere these days (I even saw some at Costco)
and little girls are wearing them everywhere and anywhere. And why not? They’re
little girls. Nobody’s going to look at them funny.

Or so we hope.

Here’s a fun spin on the already fun tutu: One that comes on a built-in shirt that you can design all by yourself.

Have you ever stared at rows of lovely ribbon at a craft
store and wondered what you could make with so much prettiness? I’m not crafty,
so I have stood there pondering all those stripes, dots and checks and, then,
left with not a thing. Tutu Pour Mon Deux does all that for you.

You choose a long-sleeve tee or tank top, customize color, and pick
a cute image from animals to princess crowns (of course) to peace signs. Pair the ensemble with leggings (or jeggings?) and it’s more like regular
clothes than a full-fledged tutu. Not that there’s anything wrong with a full-fledged

We could live without the big black logo on the back of the shirt under the neck, however. No doubt the outfit is cute enough that people will ask you where you got it anyway.  –Elizabeth

Find the tutu shirts for girls at Tutu Pour Mon Deux