My 7 month old is an insanely adorable bundle of energy. I recently discovered, much to my dismay, that she also inherited my crazy wide feet. Thinking ahead, I’ve been trying to find some decent shoes for her. I’ve searched high and low, but can’t find wide-width, soft-soled shoes anywhere. Any ideas where to look? -Laree

Some of the soft-soled “slipper”-type shoes, like Robeez, are cut wider than other shoes and are also very easy on the feet. How cute is this reversible Early Bird/Night Owl style? Let’s just hope she doesn’t take those words to heart!
Bical Grippers baby sock / shoe combo
Bical Grippers’ sock-like upper stretch around the foot instead of restricting it. There are loads of styles to choose from at the link provided in the review.
aunty cookie shoes
“Custom” doesn’t have to mean “expensive” as evident with these Aunty Cookie organic cotton custom shoes by WeePereas. You send in your measurements, and she will make the shoe to fit your daughter’s foot. I love this fabric!
Ivory & Moss Shoes

And I adore these custom-made Petit Lamb Felt Trainers by Ivory and Moss.These shoes look just perfect in gray though they can be made in your favorite color combo too.

Pletuko Lady Bug baby shoe
If you’re starting to think about first walkers, I  like the wider cut and red-and-black Lady Bug Walking Shoe from smaller-shoe company Pletuko.
The zipper closure will make it easy to get a chubby little foot in and out (those laces are just decorative). While not made in “wide widths”, we think if you talk to them about your daughter’s foot measurements, they’ll be able to help you find a style that is right.

SRT Ana toddler shoes by Stride Rite

One of my favorites for the kids, Stride Rite has always been consistent with offering wide widths and even extra-wide styles. The SRT Ana shoes have a supportive high back, come in extra wide, and also have a flexible bottom sole, all of which which will come in handy as your daughter starts to stand. And eventually, walk. How fun! -Christina

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