Oshi mat for babies
Looking back to my baby’s first music class, I see a woman in sweats, no make-up and a silly grin on her face. I was just so happy to be, finally, out of the house! New to my neighborhood, I was also convinced I was going to meet all my new best friends that day. Every time my baby clapped to the music, I burst into hysterical laughter. (No wonder I didn’t meet any friends in that class.)

But, I stopped laughing when I noticed how my daughter was crawling around on a dirty looking carpet and how the other babies, with their runny noses, were crawling next to her.

Clearly I didn’t know about Oshi Mats back then.

 Oshi Mats
are eco-friendly, non-toxic and PVC free foam mats that can be used for
baby exercise or music classes, playtime at home, or even as a
changing mat. You can put together four of the contemporary designs to create a large play area
that’s cushiony and safe to play.

I find the Oshi rolls up easily and with its own
travel carrier,

it’s very portable. Oshi Mats measure 32″ L x 27″ W x
1/4″ H.

By the way, not too much has changed since my baby’s first music
class. I typically don’t bother with make-up, but I have traded in my
sweats for nice jeans, and when my toddler claps to the music, we both might
laugh a little hysterically. –Elizabeth

Check out the new eco-friendly baby mats at Oshi Mat.

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