If you’ve flown on a particular airline, then you’re probably familiar with the scarily yummy Biscoff cookies. And as a wife of a pilot who flies for said airline, I have to giggle every time someone tells me that they hoard them, mostly because we’ve got our own personal stash too. (Shhh.)

Well, now you don’t have to wait to take another fun-filled family flight in order to refill your stockpile, and our staff at CMP is more excited about it  than we should be.

You can snag the Biscoff Cookies in various sized packs at their website, find them at your local Walgreens, or think ahead to the holidays and purchase their fun cookie gift tubes,–great in part because 10% of the proceeds are donated to Teach for America.

Apparently, there are fan pages dedicated to these cookies, which are a nice balance of sweet and spice, and amazingly skilled at keeping my kids quiet when they start to get a bit rammy on the airplane. You wouldn’t know that if you tend to go for the pretzels or peanuts, but I do.

The gift of “airline cookies?” It’s kind of kitchy, kind of funny, and a whole lot of yummy. Trust me, when you serve them you’ll hear what I do when someone sees them in my cabinet: Is it me or are those cookies just really really good”

You can purchase Biscoff cookies at the Biscoff Gourmet site, shop through Delta SkyMiles, or… just get them free on your next flight.