For the first year ever, since becoming a parent, I actually have my kids’ Halloween costumes ready to go with more than 2 hours to spare before the 31st. Well, almost. The last thing we have to track down is some black cat nail polish, and some green face paint to perfect my five year-old evil witch.

Browsing the local costume emporium in a bit of a rush, I was bummed to find no natural face paint options at all; just the cheap Chinese-made stuff.

I totally admit I bought it, only to have a bit of remorse that perhaps I could have looked harder.

For those of you interested in some safer Halloween options for little nails, little faces and little heads, I’ve tracked down a few favorites online. Like I could have done in the first place. (D’oh.) Order now — there’s still time! –Liz

natural nail polish

Hopscotch Kids makes safe, water-based nail colors that go on as evenly as the salon stuff, only without the scary chemicals. They’re even a signer of the Compact for Safe Cosmetics, which is always a good sign.

le baby hair gel

LeBaby Hair Gel may sound absurd, but it’s totally useful. Free of parabens, sulfates and harsh chemicals, I’ve used it on my kids as a gentle frizz tamer when it’s humid out, but use more and make your kid a Vampire’s widow peak, a spicy punk ‘do — or possibly, a Snooki?

Face Paints

Face Paints
There are all sorts of natural face paints, like these face pencils from Nova Natural. You can also check for a few DIY recipes for making your own face paints, with as little as natural food coloring and some natural, fluoride-free toothpaste. We also found some great tips about what to avoid in face paints for kids in The Daily Green.

The Body Shop 100% Pure

If you’ve got a fairy princess or a mermaid in the house, surely you’ll need some blush? Earlier this year we tracked down the 100% Pure safe cosmetics line from Bath and Body Works. Bonus: Keep them for yourself when Halloween is over.

UPDATED: Unfortunately, Bath and Body Works no longer makes the 100% pure safe cosmetics line.


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