The cool, crisp air of fall is here, and moms everywhere are pulling out their baby lotion arsenals to keep eczema and dry skin at bay. For me, the toughest part about having kids with sensitive skin is finding just the right product that does everything I want it to do and actually smells nice.

This year, I’ve already got two kids begging for lo-lo, thanks to the new line from Lavanila Laboratories.

course they call it “cookie lotion” because it smells just like sugar
cookies with a touch of lemon–in a calming, soft way that moms will
love. But unlike cookies, Lavanila is 100% healthy, designed to support
the health of sweet baby skin with 30 vitamins
and minerals and wholesome, purity-tested, hypoallergenic ingredients like noni juice (whatever that is),
calendula flower, and organic aloe.

No list of chemicals as long as my well-moisturized arm. And no animal testing either.

I’ve only tried the baby lotion, but
the Lavanilla line also includes body wash, baby butter, diaper balm, and a
chemical-free SPF 40 sunscreen. If they’re all as wonderful as the lotion, I
would definitely ask Santa for a full set. -Delilah

Purchase the Healthy Baby Collection by Lavanila Laboratories at their website or online at Sephora 

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