Sulpice chocolateIt’s soooo haaaaard to open my inbox and find an email inviting me to sample a new artisanal chocolate bar. Really, it’s right up there with letters from Nigerian Princes and notices about my “Paypol Account,” but you know. I am so devoted to the readers here, that I am willing to take on such intrusions and put my tastebuds on the line for you.

As it turns out, I’m glad I answered the email from Sulpice Chocolate because their handcrafted Belgian chocolate bars are so beyond fantastic, I now have my adult stocking stuffers covered for the holidays.

These beautiful handcrafted Belgian chocolate bars from Sulpice Chocolat
are drizzled with contrasting chocolate, Jackson Pollack style, so they
look gorgeous right out of the foil. Flavors are exotic-sounding, but
really they’re quite accessible and delicious. Gingembre is a dark chocolate with macadamia nuts, crystallized ginger, and a bit of lemon. Chai Chocolate blends exotic spices until you’re left with essentially a cinnamon-milk chocolate, with a bit of a peppery bite. Yum.

If you like your chocolates just a little more conventional, check out the Amande, which bumps the old almond-milk chocolate bar up a huge notch with the addition of pink Himalayan sea salt.

If you’re serious about your chocolate (and you know who you are), this is one $7.50 well spent. –Liz

Find gourmet Belgian chocolate bars online from Sulpice Chocolat