robeez organic baby shoes
This week, I saw the cutest pair of Robeez baby shoes in a local boutique and I ran online to see what else they were up to. Boy the company has come a long way since my 5 year-old was a baby and your choices were basically the fire truck or the flower or the other flower.

The organic soft sole Robeez is adorable, whether or not you care about the water-soluble inks,
eco-friendly canvas and leather with natural tanning. I just love the
subtle, sweet neutral color. If you’ve got a boy, or a baby girl who doesn’t need to be in head to toe pink, there’s also a super cute organic tiger baby shoe, with little pawprints on the back, plus a cute little frog shoe and a kangaroo.

There’s a recycling truck design as well, although I find the message a wee heavy handed. Maybe that’s why that one is on sale?

As for the shoe I loved in the boutique, it was a fun pair of koala Robeez with little fuzzy bits for the fur around the ears. I found it at Tiny Soles; not which doesn’t even seem to sell it. Either I’m behind, or they are. No doubt it’s me.  –Liz

Find the new organic soft sole baby shoes on the Robeez website. And psst…it’s pronounced Robbie’s. We always say it wrong too.


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