Gluten-free vegan cookies by Purely Elizabeth
I’ve been gluten-free for coming up on a couple of years, now, and while I’ve learned to bake a few essentials, I’ve mostly given up on cookies. Because gluten-free cookies–by and large–suck. And I love to bake, but I’m certainly not going to spend hundreds of dollars on specialty flours and xantham gum and stuff.

So when my package of Purely Elizabeth cookie mix arrived, promising gluten-free, vegan, organic goodness… I was already imagining exactly how “delicious” that would be (hint: not very).

Sure, the ingredient list is impressive (including my new favorite
superfood, chia seeds), but… gluten-free cookies suck, remember?

I have never been so happy to eat my words. And all these cookies. Even my (non-gluten-free) husband admitted these taste like real,
decadent cookies. Soft and chewy, chocolatey, nary a hint of the
grittiness or heaviness I’ve come to expect from gluten-free baked goods. My faith
in cookies has been restored! -Mir

Check out gluten-free, vegan, organic cookie mixes (as well as muffin and pancake mixes) at Purely Elizabeth.

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