chew beadsI had not yet felt a great need for mom jewelry. For me, wearing my child’s name around my neck felt redundant because frankly, she is hanging around my neck.(After 15 months of breastfeeding and a total failure to ever accept a bottle, my husband has deemed her my “appendage.”)

But here is some mom jewelry me (and my appendage) can really go for. Because it’s meant for babies too.

Created by Lisa Greenwald, a former fashion-babe turned mom, Chewbeads is a line of non-toxic jewelry inspired by Lisa’s teething son. Sure, we’ve seen teething jewelry before- but this stuff is really cute. Seriously. 

The silicon, BPA/PVC/phthalate-free bracelets could pass for something I might have bought at a trendy boutique pre-babe in the season’s latest shades. (Wah, I miss those days!) Then you feel their bouncy-ball-like texture, which will remind your tiny teether of their beloved paci.

Besides, nothing diverts eyes from undereye bags like bright beads around your neck, right? –Phebe

Find teething necklaces in every color at Chewbeads