Girls' dresses by Masala Baby
So you’ve got a little girl who likes pink? Shockingly, I have one, as well. She loves purple, too, of course. And I admit freely that there are times I wish she’d wear any other color. But if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em –on your own terms, of course. Which is why I love the newest offerings from Masala Baby NYC.

Pinks, purples, and then some. Truly, I’m going gaga over some of the gorgeous Indian-inspired offerings in their most recent collections. And what I love the most about the line is that it’s not your typical kids’ clothing.

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Along with the pinks and purples there are glorious oranges, deep blues, and bright reds.

Sometimes together. Take the Gypsy Raani Dress for example. The vivid combination of colors yields something altogether different –and much more stylish, if you
ask me– than a standard princess-y dress. Even while it spins marvelously.

If you’re not color averse, there are also cool clothing options for boys, unlike the multiple offerings of bland grays and browns out

You have to be a little daring to take on the tunics, but the saffron tunic tee, now on sale, has a color that differentiates it from every other polo.

What a nice break from the usual color suspects. My kids may not notice, but I sure as heck will. –Stephanie

Find colorful Indian inspired clothing for boys and girls at Masala Baby, and save 30% off all styles through 11/24/10 with discount code masalathanks at checkout!

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