chilewich dahlia placemats
I know that starting tomorrow I will admire my family members’ beautifully adorned holiday tables and think I should really do more with mine. And then I will start virtually shopping online for gorgeous linens and flatware and other pretty things. And then maybe this year, I’ll actually hit purchase instead of just imagining it all magically coming together in my dining room somehow.

The new tabletop items from Chilewich are right up my alley. The pressed dahlia placemats
in gunmetal grey or gold can make a table sophisticated, not flashy,
something tough with metallics.The lace openwork is so beautiful, and
yet these things are pretty tough, since they’re made of woven vinyl and
not actual lace. If the kids spill the cranberry sauce on them, eh. You
can wipe it down.

If you can stand to part with them, they come gift boxed too, starting
at just $8. I’d imagine any hostess would be thrilled to be handed one.
And that’s code for me. –Liz

Find beautiful tableware for your holiday table online at Chilewich.

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