HABA Pulling Toy Cotti
When buying a gift for those sweet toddlers in my life, I tend to steer clear of “white” anything. Let’s face it, they aren’t the cleanest creatures on the planet.

But HABA is one step ahead of me with their new line of snow-white lambs that don’t mind a little water to keep them clean. Which is especially important when you see where these lambs are going.

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Among my favorites in HABA’s new Pure Nature Cotti line is the Soft Pulling Toy for toddlers. With its short, kid-safe leash, this little lamb really would follow them wherever they go. And if your house has as many dust bunnies as mine, this is one lamb that will need regular scrub-downs to stay white.

But no worries: In making their Pure Nature Cotti plush toys, HABA decided to stuff them with Oko-Tex certified polyester, instead of organic materials which they’ve found have a hard time drying out and can become moldy and smelly when wet. We buy that.

The other toys in HABA’s Pure Nature Cotti line may not get so close to the floor, but will definitely be held close, like their spelt-filled Soothing Sheep Cotti. The spelt inside can be warmed or cooled to soothe bellies on newborns or even bigger kids, like me after too much eggnog. With something that will be held so close to their skin, I’m grateful knowing that the exterior of their “Cottis”, a play on the German word for Cotton, is organic material.

Since I think I raise some of the dirtiest kids on the planet, being able to wash these snow-white lamb toys would be imperitive in our house. After all, who wants their babies sleeping with the black sheep from the toybox? -Christina

You can find HABA’s Pure Nature Cotti plush toys at Maukilo.

Congratulations to Kellie E, lucky winner of the Haba Cotti toys!

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