I cringed on that day back in October when holiday cards replaced an aisle of Halloween costumes. It’s not that I dislike the holiday season or have a soft spot for grown men dressed as plates of spaghetti. It’s just that the cards were all somber and religious, and, well… not my style.

But even a bah-humbuggle like me can get on board for non-denominational photo cards that use positive words and my own beautiful photographs to spread happiness.

We’ve long been big fans of Paper Culture, thanks to their hip designs, lovely cardstock, and chic rounded corners. But we’re loving their gorgeous 2010 line of holiday photo cards in luscious colors that leave basic red and green in the dust.

With words like Joy, Cheer, Noel, Peace, and even a cheeky little Naughty/Nice design (good for twins?) right alongside the usual Christmas and Hanukkah wishes, you’re sure to find just the right sentiment to go with your family portrait.

Custom holiday photo cards by Paper Culture

The highly customizable Paper Culture cards clock in around $2 each with discounts for higher quantities. Printed on delicious 100% post-consumer recycled cardstock with recycled envelopes, they can be sent to you en masse for handwritten notes or even better–send them your holiday list and they’ll mail them all for you, complete with a note if you’d like, just for the cost of a stamp.

And for that special holiday afterglow, don’t forget about their modishly sweet Thank You cards, with plenty of cute designs for kids (and cool moms). The natural follow-up to CHEER and JOY is, of course, THANKS. –Delilah

Shop custom holiday cards and holiday thank you notes cards at Paper Culture.

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