doshi scarf sets for kidsMy kids lose scarves and gloves like uh…well, like kids lose scarves and gloves. While I covet so many high end handmade options, I know I take quite a risk knowing that two mittens may head out the door in the morning, and only one will return home.

So I’m happy to have learned about a new site that offers adorable, affordable cold weather accessories for kids 2 to 12.

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is run by a NYC mom who also gets the value thing, and it’s evident in
the selection of practical and easy-wearing matching winter accessories
for kids. You can find scarf-gloves-knit hat sets starting at $32 for a
set of solid chenille accessories that are really quite cute. And psst…you mamas of girls should look in the boy section too. Girls do like navy, black and pale blue, right?

striped hat and mittens from doshiFor something more fun, the Heidi Strips set
in pumpkin (right) is simply adorable for girls, with mittens lined with
microflece to keep the snow out a little longer. It’s a very comfy acrylic, so it feels good and should hold up well. I also like the fun sailor stripes set with lime to offset the black and white stripes, and the nordic style hats which are always in style on kids.

My only disappointment is with the waterproof Thinsulite mittens which have a thumb that seems oddly high to be comfortable–or maybe my girls’ very small hands simply didn’t fit the mold.

With more than 30 styles all in one place, Dochi is such an easy one-stop destination for practical winter wear south of the Tundra, and I love supporting a mom-run shop instead of some guy on Canal Street hawking the knock-off merch. Plus
that little hedgehog on the label is darn cute. –Liz

Find affordable knit scarves, hats and glove sets for kids online at Dochi
  and save 25% with code COOLMOM25.

Congratulations to lucky Dochi winners Barbara B and Liz N!